Maria Nila Structure Repair Conditioner 300ml

Maria Nila Structure Repair Conditioner 300ml

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Why we love it:
Vegan and animal friendly, this daily, nourishing, detangling conditioner is tailored to damaged, dry and chemically treated to give deep moisturising effect, strengthening benefits whilst boosting softness and control static. 

How it works: 
Blended with algae extract, this secret weapon helps retain moisture at a deep level which protects against high temperatures and prevent damage.  Enriched with sunflower seed oil, wheat protein, olive oil, and moringa oil - these hair loving ingredients provide protection to strengthen the hair fibre and lock in moisture for a lasting conditioning effect and leaves hair with healthy shine. Colour Guard Complex preserves colour by protecting it from UV radiation and free radicals.

How to use: 
After using the Maria Nila Structure Repair Shampoo, follow with the Maria Nila Structure Repair Conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends and leave for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.  

For best results: 
Start with the Maria Nila Structure Repair Shampoo and follow with the Maria Nila Structure Repair Conditioner.  To boost softness, use the Maria Nila Structure Repair Masque after shampooing, follow with the conditioner after rinsing out the mask.  To give your hair, deeper conditioning use the Maria Nila Structure Repair Booster Masque instead of the everyday masque and conditioner.  Apply the Maria Nila Structure Repair Leave In Cream before using a hairdryer or hair straightener to enhanced moisture, seal split ends and protect against heat.  Explore the full Maria Nila Structure Repair Collection.

Benefits Include:

  • Suitable for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair
  • Boosts moisture
  • Strengthens the hair fibre to prevent breakage
  • Regain hair's natural strength, softness and shine
  • Colour Guard Complex to preserve colour
  • Sulfate and Paraben free
  • 100% Vegan & Animal friendly
  • CO2 compensated packaging

About the brand:
Maria Nila provide beauty products in a friendly, sustainable way by being a 100% vegan and animal friendly. By providing high quality vegan beauty, they make it easy for everyone to take a step towards a sustainable and friendlier world.