Maria Nila Style & Finish Cream Heat Spray 150ml

Maria Nila Style & Finish Cream Heat Spray 150ml

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Why we love it:
A nourishing heat protecting cream-based spray that rebuilds damaged hair and prevents split ends while adding subtle shine to the hair.

How it works: 
While heat dries out the hair when using hot styling tools, the cream provides moisture to protect the hair. Enriched with the Colour Guard Complex helps to preserve the colour by protecting your hair against protects against UV-radiations and free radicals.

How to use: 
Apply to damp towel-dried hair before blow-drying or heat styling. By applying the product section by section, you make sure it covers the whole hair.

For best results: 
The Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray can be applied to both damp and dry hair.  Explore the full Maria Nila Styling Collection.

Benefits Include:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Hold 1/5
  • Heat protection
  • Moisturises and adds shine
  • Colour-safe and protects from UV damage
  • Sulphate & Paraben free
  • 100% Vegan & Animal friendly
  • CO2 compensated packaging

About the brand:
Maria Nila provide beauty products in a friendly, sustainable way by being a 100% vegan and animal friendly. By providing high quality vegan beauty, they make it easy for everyone to take a step towards a sustainable and friendlier world